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Snorkeling Tips And Tricks: Team Full Face Snorkel Masks Or Team Tradition Snorkels

Snorkeling is the recreational version of diving because of the fact that it only deals with a specific area of the ocean coverage unlike diving which can be permitted to go as deep as the ocean floor.

Being a snorkeler you know what are the things that are needed before actually jumping into the water with an incomplete paraphernalia. These pieces of equipment aid in making your snorkeling experience wholesome especially the snorkeling masks. That is why you have to have a snorkeling mask made out of high-caliber materials that would aid in your journey but how will you know yours is of high-quality?

For a further view as to what are the factors to consider in picking a snorkel mask, check out the list of points below.

You peripheral vision is important so that you will be able to see the things that are in front of you and the best option for that is to get a wider peripheral vision.

Go for the no fog option so that you will utilize the snorkel better than those you have to defog every after dive.

Silicone is also the best option to choose since it does not move around when in motion.

Get to know the two kinds of snorkel masks namely, traditional ones and full face coverage.

Full face snorkeling masks, given by its name enables a full face covering for the duration of the diving activity. This is actually a feature that helps in making sure that the diver’s face is well protected. What is great about this is that everything is built in enabling any diver, beginner or expert to use it efficiently.

On the other side of the coin, tradition snorkels are those that primarily consist of goggles and a mouthpiece. Not many people like this option because it is more exposed compared to the full face coverage. Just like any other feature of the full face mask, traditional mask enables divers to breathe and see underwater.

Supposedly there is no competition between the two, yes maybe they are different but their function still suffice to give the diver’s the best time of their lives. Each has its own unique feature, it may be different in some ways but the decision is up to the diver to choose which one he or she will use. In your end, keep this guide in mind because you will never know when it is handy and when the time comes make sure that you choose the right snorkeling mask for you.

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