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Tech support companies, web hosting, and internet support providers are some of the modern technology services that are part of the information technology services. Information technology services encompass various jobs which are; programmers, IT specialist, technical team, software and hardware engineers, website developers and network engineers.

Gaining unauthorized entry into either computer networks, computer information systems or personal computer devices and obtaining information is what is called cyberattack. Attempt to hack into someone’s computer can be informed of cross-site scripting, phishing, malware, SQL attacks (standing for structured query language), denial of services (DOS) and credential reuse.

Phishing attacks allow an attacker to install a malware into your computer system by sending a corrupt attachment and thereby getting control of your whole or part of the computer system. To allow for immediate click on a malicious link sent, an attacker creates a link that is likely to entice the user to click on it as it could create some sense of urgency, confusion or quick gratification which may be in form of a monetary promise.

Spear attacks, pharming, clone phishing, whaling are some of the forms in which phishing can be executed.Whaling attacks are usually focused on high profile targets with the aim of capturing company’s data, company’s intellectual property and personal credential that can be used to blackmail or even sold at black market. Cloning attacks happens when a user receives a clone of a valid message they had received earlier but there is a bit of change made to it by the attacker to trap the user. Spear phishing attacks happen when an attacker creates a false link after gathering important information that will make the link seem real. Once clicked, the link installs a malware which makes allow for a wire transfer to take place.

Email protection techniques include; change of passwords, use of strong passwords, spam filters and use of certified antivirus. A program designed to stop false emails from getting into a user’s inbox is called a spam filter Organizing emails in a decent manner also known as email filtering reduces the chances of a spam or computer virus having its way into the inbox. To help with email filtering, inbound or outbound filtering can be used.

Filtering system is used in scanning message delivered on the internet in a process known as inbound filtering Pending messages from a local user are first scanned before been allowed over the internet in a process known as outbound filtering. Employees have to follow the emailing ethics as mail filters are commonly used to ensure that any inappropriate or distasteful outgoing email is noted and action was taken on whoever sent it.

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